2011 Day on the Hill: A Wonderful Experience

By: Sakura Krapsicher
Young Leader

This year marked my first time going to the United Way of Salt Lake’s Annual Day on the Hill.  The event started out with a bus ride from the bus service parking lot to the Capitol Building.  During the trip, I met several other Young Leaders on the bus and, for the majority of us, it was our first time.  The Advocacy 101 Training started at 9:30 and it was a great overview on how Utah State’s legislative system works.  I found the training to be very informative.  The next session, Public Policy Issues and Instructions, went over the bills that are currently in session that the United Way of Salt Lake is either for or against.  The United Way had complied great talking points on the legislative issues regarding Early Learning/Public Education and Immigration.

Over the past couple of weeks, the subject of Early Learning/Public Education is what I’ve been advocating and following closely.  The Notes to Legislators segment was very interactive and educational.  My fellow Young Leaders and I took the information provided to us in the previous session and applied it in the Notes to Legislators session.  Bill Crim, of the United Way of Salt Lake, went over the ‘How To’ process of contacting and meeting your legislator at the Capitol.  After Mr. Crim explained this process, our group then met our State House Representatives.  Afterwards, our group convened back at our previous location, ate lunch and then discussed Raise Your Hand for Education.  Overall, I was very happy that I went to this event and I would strongly recommend this event to anyone and everyone who wants to become more active in advocacy and public policy.

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