Tuesday Tip: Investigate before you invest

TIP: Investigate before you invest.

I recently paid a visit to the Utah Money Watchers Conference in Salt Lake City. I love meeting people and especially getting my picture taken. The conference was all about education and prevention of investment fraud. Today’s tip is all about keeping your investments safe, or making sure you invest wisely with trusted people.

The average fraud victim might not be who you think. Check out this list of characteristics of the average fraud victim:
•    Male
•    Married
•    55-65 years old
•    Financially literate
•    Educated
•    Self-reliant
•    Optimistic

Whether you fit this description or not, it’s important to remember that ANYONE can be a victim. Before you invest, visit saveandinvest.org to learn the tactics fraudsters use and the questions that will prevent you from being a target.

While you’re at it, check out the Identity Theft & Scams section of the Believe website for more information about how you can protect yourself from being a victim.

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