Unplug & Play!

DID YOU KNOW …the average American household has 2.55 people and 2.73 televisions? We are a society of more televisions than people!”

This week is National Unplug and Play! We want to encourage you to “unplug” and spend some time with your family and friends having fun playing. This week is not just for kids, everyone could use a little less time in front of a television, computer, or phone screen, and a little more time being active.

Parent Tip: This week turn off the TV during meals. Spend that extra time talking with your kids. Mealtime can be a great time to check in with your kids. Use this time to plan the fun you will have together as a family being active!

Kid Tip: Instead of plopping in front of the TV after school, go outside and play for 60 minutes. Ride a bike, play a sport, jump rope, dance… there are so many fun activities!

Daily Challenge: Take the stairs and walk! Today instead of using the elevator at work, driving to the end of your driveway to get the mail, or sitting all day at your computer or desk… take the stairs, walk, and try to get up and move every hour!

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