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DID YOU KNOW …Snacking while watching TV can lead to overeating.”

Many people do not realize what they are eating while sitting in front of the TV. People are more likely to eat unhealthy when in front of the TV because they just are not paying attention.  If you are going to eat in front of the television you need to make sure that you have healthy options and regulate portion sizes before your show or movie begins so that you are aware of what you are consuming.

Parent Tip: Parents and caregivers play an important role in teaching kids healthy behaviors. It is suggested that parents separate snack time and TV time. Overeating can easily happen when kids are camped out in front of the TV.

Kid Tip: Did you know water, fruits, and veggies have super powers? Its true! Water, fruits and veggies help your body and mind to be strong and healthy. They act much like a super hero… zooming around inside protecting your immune system, eliminating danger, and giving you the fuel you need to be great! Drink lots of water today and try a new fruit or veggie.

Daily Challenge: Today try to eat only healthy snacks. If you start by preparing healthy snacks at the beginning of your day you will be all set. A snack size bag of popcorn, some veggies and humus, fruit, or even a small piece of dark chocolate are good choices for when you feel the need for a snack but want to be more healthy.

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