Unplug & Play!

Unplug & Play is not a week intended to snub TV, computers, or our phones. There are many great ways that technology can help us stay active… love that Wii bowling! Unplug & Play week is more about making lifestyle changes to encourage healthy habits that lead towards a better life for all. We want individuals, families, and children have the tools they need to succeed in school and life. Eating right, drinking more water, spending time outside playing, and limiting TV time are pretty simple steps to start on the path towards a successful and healthy life.

Parent Tip: Find creative ways each week to keep your family healthy and active. Plan family fun days, take walks after dinner, learn something new together as a family, prepare healthy snacks and meal plan… there are many ways to help your family. Start off small, and get creative!

Kid Tip: Talk to your parents about start a walking school bus or a bike train so you can get exercise on your way to school.

Daily Challenge: Keep going! Healthy habits take time to work into your routine. Every day try to challenge yourself to take one more step towards a healthy lifestyle.  Today plan out the steps you will take next week. Make a goal and with a little effort you will reach it!

Cheers to you, and a happy healthy future!

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