Action Alert: SB229 Veto Override

During the 2011 General Session, the Legislature passed SB229, Transportation Funding Revisions, sponsored by Senator Adams. The bill would divert 30¢ for every $1 of new sales tax revenue, around $60 million from the General Fund, into the Transportation Fund for highway construction beginning in 2013. The bill is indexed so, over time, funds earmarked for the Transportation Fund will grow to $250 million by FY2018. (For more information click here.)

Governor Herbert vetoed the bill because of his concern that earmarking the funds will decrease the legislature’s ability to fund other budget priorities, such as higher education, human services and economic development.

The Utah Legislature has called a Veto Override Session for THIS Friday, May 6th, and Legislators need your input!

Contact your house and senate legislator as well as the senators below to tell them to VOTE NO on the Veto Override of SB229.
To find your legislator go to and enter your address.

Talking Points:
•    Please vote no on the veto override of SB229.
•    Budget flexibility is essential to ensure that the states critical needs, which change year to year, can be met.
•    Difficult budget decisions must be made annually after thorough discussion of the programs that are also funded through the general fund, such as higher education, health and human services for Utah’s most vulnerable, and public safety.
Please let Elizabeth Garbe know if you receive any feedback.

You are also invited to join United Way of Salt Lake, representatives from public and higher education in Utah, social service agencies and nonprofit organizations, to urge the Utah Legislature not to override Governor Herbert’s veto of SB229 at a press conference tomorrow.

Location:        South steps of the Utah State Capitol
Date:              Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Time:             10 a.m.

Senator Gene Davis                             Senator Ben McAdams
Home: 801-484-9428                               Home: 801-618-1946
Cell:   801-647-8924                                  Work:  801-618-1946
Fax:    801-484-9442                                 Cell:   801-618-1946                  

Senator Karen Morgan                     Senator Allen Christensen
Home: 801-943-0067                              Home: 801-782-5600
Work:  801-538-1406                     
Fax:    801-943-9614

Senator Lyle Hillyard                        Senator David Hinkins 
Home: 435-753-0043                              Home: 435-384-5550
Work:  435-752-2610                               Work:  435-748-2828             

Senator Scott Jenkins                      Senator Daniel Liljenquist
Home: 801-731-5120                               Home: 801-294-2378
Work:  801-621-5412                     
Senator Wayne Niederhauser       Senator Ralph Okerlund
Home: 801-942-3398                              Home: 435-527-3370
Work:  801-558-4766                              Work:  435-527-3370           Cell:   435-979-7077

Senator Aaron Osmond                  Senator Daniel Thatcher 
Home: 801-253-6853                            Cell:   801-759-4746
Work:  801-897-8127                  

Senator Kevin VanTassell
Home: 435-789-0724
Work:  435-789-7082

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