Over the past several years, it has become clear that organizations must work in partnership with one another to develop clear goals, a shared vision, and a commitment to the community in order to develop lasting changes. Nowhere has that strategy been stronger or more consistent than the partnership that has developed between United Way of Salt Lake and the Salt Lake Chamber.

United Way of Salt Lake works with the Chamber in the areas of education, immigration, health system reform, and economic development. The Chamber has partnered on several important issues at the state legislature and has worked with United Way of Salt Lake to advocate on critical legislation.

This past year, the Chamber developed a new education initiative, Prosperity 2020, to propel Utah to long-term prosperity by strengthening the workforce through education. United Way of Salt Lake is a proud member of the founding council. In addition, United Way of Salt Lake worked hand-in-hand with the Chamber in the development of the Utah Compact, an effort to develop guiding principles to change the tone of Utah’s immigration discussion. The Chamber believes that reducing health care costs needs to be a top priority for our state and has been a key partner for several years with United Way of Salt Lake on the issue of health system reform.

The Chamber’s leadership and devotion to our community is exceptional and its list ofaccomplishments is seemingly endless. It iswith great respect and admiration that United
Way of Salt Lake honors the Salt Lake Chamber with the
2011 President’s Award for Excellence.

Please join us at the 2011 Celebration of Service.

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