What if we all just give a little time?

By: Ashley Hillman
Community Collaborations Director

I recently attended a volunteer and partner appreciation event at Mountain View Elementary and was blown away by not only the large numbers of folks in the community who give of their time each week at the school, but by the impact that this group of individuals has made in the past year. Everything from coordinating dance classes to reading with kids—it was evident that the community was stepping up to help enhance the lives of the students and families in the Mountain View community.

As I sat in the gym chatting with volunteers and partners and listening to their stories about the children with whom they work, I thought about how amazing it would be if EVERY individual gave a little bit of volunteer time. Would more kids targeted for reading intervention be reading at grade level? Would parents interested in learning how to cook be given the opportunity to do so in a comfortable, welcoming environment? How might lives change for the better if we all strengthened the connection that exists between and among all of us? We have so much to learn from one another!

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