Thank You Tom Love!

By: Deborah S. Bayle
President & CEO

Where do I begin?  Tom Love has been our Board Chair for the past three years.  He has led us through the final stages of redefining our mission as an organization and developing a new business model.  He has been more than a great leader. He has been our greatest cheerleader, our greatest advocate, our greatest strategist and just plain GREAT! And he has done it all with warmth, humor, kindness, compassion and love.

As Tom leaves his post as Board Chair, we want to say thank you for his leadership, commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and loyalty.  Not only has he led our Board with skill and finesse, but he and his firm, Love Communications, has donated  hundreds of thousands of dollars of pro bono advertising, marketing, and pr to us.  His talents are unsurpassed!  We wouldn’t be where we are today without Tom.

We will miss Tom in the role of Chair, but we know he will still be with us, guiding and encouraging us,  as we enter the new era of Collective Impact for United Way of Salt Lake.  Thanks for all the great memories, Tom!  We love you!

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