Refugee Cultural Celebration

By: Darren R. Peterson
Design and Brand Manager

June was National Refugee Month and what a beautiful mix of culture, artistry and freedom of expression. I had the opportunity to attend the The Hser Ner Moo cultural celebration at the Columbus Center in South Salt Lake where the dance competition was extremely diverse and the traditional clothing unbelievable.  Everyone had a great time displaying tribal moves and dress handed down from generation to generation. Beautiful native dances were performed from Indian, Tibetan, African and Spanish cultures as well as those who mixed it up with some moves of their own. The tragic story of Hser Ner Moo has united the people of South Salt Lake the cultural celebration was an opportunity for everyone to come together and share their diverse heritage and traditions with the entire community. I look forward to next year when I can visit the African beading and other cultural events that are sure make me smile with my heart. Now, if I could only find that dance from my home country, Denmark…..hmmmmm?

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