Recipe for Summer Health and Savings

By: Lynn Riling
Community Collaborations Director

One of the things I like best about summer is the wonderful fresh produce available at local farmers’ markets, produce stands, and grocery stores. And one of my favorite ways to cook in the summer is on a barbeque grill. Vegetables (yes, vegetables!) taste delicious cooked on the grill and preparing them this way is really quick and simple – mandatory for hot days! A few of my favorites: slice bell peppers of any color, squash (green or yellow), and onion, pour a little olive over the top, wrap in aluminum foil and place on the grill (low heat). The veggies cook in just a few minutes. If you enjoy meat, try wild-caught salmon (especially good with a little mustard and Paul Prudhomme’s seasoning) or chicken breast (my husband likes to mix a variety of bottled sauces with fresh garlic and a little white wine) on the grill. Veggie burgers work well, too! Before you know it, you’ve made a delicious, nutritious, and low-calorie dinner for yourself and your family.

Cooking at home can be much less costly than eating out, and almost as fast and easy! The best part is that you can make sure what you are eating is low in calories and fat. Many people today are in over their heads in debt and lots of people have problems with their weight. One of the easiest (okay, changing habits isn’t always easy – but it is very possible!) ways to save money and lose weight  is to make wise choices with the food you buy and prepare for yourself and your family. Instead of picking up restaurant food to go on your way home from work, stop and buy some fresh foods and cook them! You’ll soon notice that you have more money (restaurant food is more expensive than buying fresh food) and losing weight (there are a lot of hidden calories in restaurant food). Eventually, you’ll find yourself planning ahead what to buy at the grocery for the week.

Changing habits isn’t always easy. However, with some determination and some clear, simple steps you’ll soon be well on your way to changing not only your eating habits, but increasing your savings and being healthier!

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