Haven J. Barlow

By: Jim Young
Regional Director, Davis and Tooele County

I want to pay tribute to a wonderful Davis County friend of UWSL, Haven J. Barlow. Now in his ninetieth year, Haven was born and raised in Davis County and still lives in the old south Layton neighborhood where he and his late wife Bonnie Rae reared their very accomplished family.  As he has for decades, Haven owns and manages a very successful real estate development and management company. It is not his considerable business success for which he is necessarily noted or beloved, but rather his remarkable generosity of spirit that has inspired the admiration and affection of those who know him.  Haven represented Davis County in the Utah Legislature for over 42 years, a half a dozen or so in the House and 36 in the Senate.  His tenure in office is unparalleled in Utah history. Haven is a huge believer in education.  In a recent conversation he said to me, “the true purpose of education is to build character and self reliance.”  He has devoted his life to promoting these principals.

Among Haven’s most admired attributes is his commitment and loyalty to his faith, his community, his friends and, his contagious cheerfulness.  Not only is he a joy to be around, Haven also has the rare quality of being a cheerful giver. In helping me solicit support for UWSL’s initiatives, I have heard him tell individuals, “you will never miss anything you give back to the community, like bread cast on the water, it always comes back to you.”  Indeed, I have also been present when he told a couple of skeptical ones, “if you are ever unhappy about what you have given, I will pay you back personally.”

Haven’s irrepressibly positive attitude makes makes him a joy to be around.  He has what a colleague of mine calls “yes, in his heart.”  Haven’s heart for those around him challenges us to become more involved in our community and to make a difference. Haven J. Barlow has done so much to unite Davis County, is a great example of what it means to LIVE UNITED!

We love you Haven J. Barlow.


  1. I adore Haven he planted a tree in my yard when. My mom died! Ive driven by its still there, Love you Haven. Tricia Haskell (Hunter)

  2. Remember Haven from over a half century ago when we lived in Centerville. Recently jolted when I heard the name Haven Barlow on national television involved with the polygamist colony escape of Ruby Jessup and her children from that cult down on the Arizona, and sincerely hope this is not one of the offspring of a good neighbor who contributed so much to bringing Utah into the modern world and abolishing that demeaning practice.
    john s flannery

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