Utah Ranks #1 in Volunteer Efforts

by: Ashley Hillman

Community Collaborations Director




A recent report indicates that Utah ranks #1 when it comes to embracing the spirit of volunteerism. According to an article published in the Salt Lake Tribune on August 9th, 2011,  44.5% of adults volunteer in Utah; the national average is 26.5%. (http://tiny.cc/vvex5 for full article)

Having moved to Salt Lake City a year ago, not knowing anyone at all or ever having visited Utah, I have developed a much deeper appreciation for the importance of community, which is often cultivated when people lend a helping hand and give of their time to impact others in a positive way. Regarding one another as partners on our life journey, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic background, we become more inclined to cultivate a sense of community.

Terry Tempest Williams, a Salt Lake native herself, says it well: I have inherited a belief in community, the promise that a gathering of the spirit can both create and change culture. In the desert, change is nurtured even in stone by wind, by water, through time.

Life is a journey, and we’re all on it together.  I’m proud to live in a state that has claimed the #1 title for volunteering!

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