Passing Along a Passion for Volunteerism: Continued

by: Christi Wetterberg

Resource Development Executive

Continued from her story published on July 20th



As a follow up to my last post in July, my son has taken a leadership position as the steward over the garden on 3300 South 1100 West in South Salt Lake, as he continues his volunteer work with Utah G.A.R.D.E.N.S. through United Way of Salt Lake’s Summer of Service program.  This weekend he helped coordinate 18 volunteers who wanted a project to participate in for a family reunion.  The volunteers were adults, teenagers and small children.  The volunteers worked hard weeding, watering, planting some new vegetables and painting some of the flower boxes that line the front of the garden.  The group had a wonderful experience and they accomplished a lot of work.  Thanks to all the volunteer work over the past couple of weeks, the garden is growing fast!

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