Park City: an Amazing Place to Live and Learn

by Lynn Rilling

Community Collaborations Director





What comes to your mind when you think of Park City? Perhaps Park City brings to mind the beautiful mountains or activities such as hiking and biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.  However, as with most cities and towns, there is a lot more to Park City than meets the eye.

Some might not be aware that there is a large population in Park City of people who provide services to others. Often, these jobs tend to be low in pay, making it difficult for families and individuals to make ends meet. Many of these jobs are also seasonal, which can leave families without adequate income once the seasonal work ends or changes.

Two of the four elementary schools in Park City are Title 1 schools.  A Title 1 school has a large number of students who qualify, based on family income, for free or reduced price school lunches.) United Way of Salt Lake is working with all four elementary schools and their principals, Holy Cross Ministries, the Park City School District/Education Foundation, the Park City Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the People’s Health Clinic to raise the quality of life for children and families in the community. All of the elementary schools – Jeremy Ranch, McPolin, Parley’s Park, and Trailside – will become Community Learning Centers (CLCs) when school starts in a few short weeks.  A community in which all elementary school principals are united in finding and developing strategies to improve the lives of children and families is truly extraordinary.

The CLCs will offer many services such as in-depth, one-on-one learning during the school day, mentoring for students with a big brother or big sister, health care for children and their families, as well as after-school programming focusing on academics and other activities such as art and sports. Parents will also directly benefit from services offered at the CLCs such as learning how to navigate systems and English language skills.

By uniting programs and services with the Park City School District, Holy Cross Ministries and other organizations, United Way of Salt Lake is working to create a better life for the people in Park City.


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