“Kindness is Contagious!!”

By Chelsea Nelson

Communications Director

The term “giving back” is one that we hear a lot when talking about volunteering our time or donating money.  However, our neighborhoods really benefit as a whole when everyone works together to give something back–even if at times, we might not feel like we have much to give.  We can forget that even the smallest of things can change a life. Sometimes, something that seems small, like a pair of new shoes, can be a really BIG thing!

Here at UWSL we hear inspiring stories everyday about people who really make a difference.  Bobbie Kemp, a mother of 6 who utilizes the Davis County Community Learning Center at Wasatch Elementary, is one of these people. Bobbie’s experience with the CLC and how it helped her family was the kind of experience that we love to hear at UWSL.  However, how Bobbie gave back in return was even more inspiring.

For example, Bobbie’s children benefited from shoes that were donated by the CLC–but at the same time, Bobbi helped coordinate that effort to make sure that other students received the shoes and coats that they needed.  “My own children actually got their shoes from the CLC, so we have benefited a lot.”   The Kemp family has also turned to the CLC for other needs. Robin, Bobbie’s daughter, received therapy from one of the counselors at the CLC, which helped her come out of a depression due to some medical issues.  Bobbie said, “they helped my daughter.  They made my daughter feel better, and that’s the best gift you can get as a mother.”  Because Bobbie could see a such a direct and positive result with how the CLC could help her family, she became even more involved to try to help others.

Bobbie believes that it is important to volunteer all over the community.  She is on the community council and serves on the school’s PTA–even serving as PTA president last school year.  Bobbie is proactive in finding ways that she can help others the way that her family has been helped.  “I think that you need to give in a community and if everyone gives something, it is a better place to live.”  Bobbie understands that what you give out, you get back, and she has seen that in her life and the lives of others she strives to help. Bobbie’s involvement in the CLC is twofold:  she utilizes the resources available to help her family, and in return, finds ways to help others.  If everyone lived this pattern, we would certainly see a difference in every neighborhood.

“Everyone can give something.  Even if you can give a little bit of your day, your time, your energy, or your money to any part of the community, you are going to help someone in some way…even if it is just a simple pair of shoes.  I think kindness is contagious!”

Well said, Bobbie!  Thank you for reminding us what giving is all about!

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