By Cristi Wetterberg

Resource Development Executive

A couple of weeks ago I attended Questar’s annual Champion Coordinator training meeting.  I attend this meeting to speak with Questar employees who want to actively help and support their United Way campaign and get them educated and excited about the work United Way of Salt Lake does in our community.  These individuals are the inside voices of Questar.  They are the people who work in their departments to inform their peers about the benefits of giving to United Way, not only through their paychecks, but also by volunteering and advocating.

Every year these Questar champions come up with innovative ways to engage their employees to give back to the communities they live and work in.  This year their theme is “Share your Good Fortune” and they are working really hard on going green by encouraging their employees to give via an online system they have internally–making the choice to give easier and more cost effective.

Questar has some great ideas this year about the campaign!  They are offering some incentives, like a gift card to every 88th person who logs on to the website (whether they donate or not) as well as an opportunity to win Jazz tickets for guessing the score of the Utah/BYU game this past weekend. The Engineering Department at Questar actually did a Western theme for their kick-off meeting and had games to coincide with their theme–just to get employees excited to give to United Way.  Also, they are offering an incentive for the person who guesses the total giving amount Questar employees will donate this year to United Way of Salt Lake.

They take tours of our Community Learning Centers, participate in volunteer opportunities, and use their voices by advocating and holding an array of special events.  For example, this year Questar is holding a new event;  a 12 mile bike ride and 5k walk being held September 29 at 5pm up City Creek.  Anyone is invited to participate, the cost is $20 and all proceeds go to United Way of Salt Lake.  Questar is really focusing on getting 88% of their employees participating in the campaign this year–no matter what amount they give.  And, after only the first week, they are already at 50% participation!

UWSL is fortunate to have great organizations like Questar, who not only give corporately by matching each employee gift dollar for dollar, but they give their employees the opportunities and choices to give back to the community in so many ways.

I am so lucky to work with such a great company as well as work with some amazing and motivated individuals.  Questar and their employees truly show what it means to LIVE UNITED!


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