LIVING UNITED with Savage Services

By Shannon Harmon

Resource Development Executive

Working at United Way of Salt Lake as a Resource Development Executive means that I am invited into a variety of workplace settings, from retail and warehouse locations to formal board rooms filled with company executives.  All of the companies I work with make my job exciting as each runs a unique workplace giving campaign.  This past summer, I had  the great opportunity to complete another of these one-of-a-kind campaigns with Savage Services.  This experience leaves me thinking this company is quite unlike any other.  As their website says, Savage strives to “consistently exceed your expectations and create productive relationships.”  And they certainly exceeded expectations for their 2010-2011 campaign!

This year was remarkably different and started with 85 Savage employees attending tours of our Neighborhood Centers.  We were excited to host these tours and we were thrilled that so many employees could take time out of their busy work day to witness what is happening in our community.   Many employees expressed gratitude to be able to tour the Neighborhood Centers as it really brought United Way to life and many were surprised to see what was happening right in their backyard.

Savage Services would not have been able to ‘consistently exceed your expectations and create productive relationships’ during the 2010-2011 United Way Campaign without the tireless efforts of Savage’s own internal committee.  Under the leadership of Cydney Garland, other Savage employees including Brandi Mechling, David Harris, Debbie Rhodes, Judy Broadbent, Kirk Aubry, Korey Adams, Nathan Savage, Sakura Krapsicher, Sharon Broadwater, Todd Savage and their fearless leader Allen Alexander (who also serves on our Board) all worked hard to make this year the best yet.  A HUGE thank you to each of them!

The result of this year’s campaign?? Drum roll please…

Employee contributions increased by 80% and 100% of their employees participated to make this happen!

Another way that Savage Services Corporation shows their support of United Way of Salt Lake is by matching employee contributions 2:1.  This bring the grand total of their workplace giving campaign to just under $215,000!! Very impressive.

However, our praises to Savage Services don’t stop there.  Not only were they able to make a very significant contribution to solving community problems through their workplace giving campaign, they also participated in our recent event called Stuff the Bus.  They collected school supplies for the Neighborhood Centers and with the corporate match donated $2,389.72.  Their contribution helped us provide and stuff over 5,000 backpacks to children who needed school supplies.

We also want to thank the many Savage employees that donated their time to the Day of Caring.  Their hard work really helped to make this day a success!

We are very grateful for the heartfelt generosity of ALL employees at Savage.

Truly, Savage Services knows what it means to LIVE UNITED.

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