October Tip: Saving Regularly is the Key to Financial Success

Whether you’re accumulating an emergency fund or saving for a vacation, a car, or retirement, you’ll be amazed how fast your savings will grow with regular deposits.

•    Treat your savings deposits like a monthly bill payment. If you want to save $50 a month, include that amount with the rest of your bill payments. It’s a thinking shift that will help you accumulate savings at the beginning of the month rather than planning to save what you have left at the end of the month and finding nothing left to save.
•    Automate your savings deposits. Just like, automating bill payments helps make budgeting easier and saves you money on late fees, automating your savings deposits is less work for you. Better yet, use payroll deduction at work and deposit 10% of your paycheck to a savings account. You won’t even know it’s missing!

There are lots of ways to save! Check out these great saving resources on the Believe website and choose a strategy the works best for you.

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