What's Happening in Park City!

lauren_hansenby Lauren Alexander Hansen
Director of Promise Park City

The backbone structure in Park City has evolved over the past three months. Prior to this change, Park City had one Community School Coordinator that spent one day each week at the four elementary schools and supported the Park City School District Outreach Aides. A Community Collaborations Director also supported the systems-level work of Park City and was based in the Salt Lake City United Way office. After spending focused time listening to the Park City partners and elementary school principals, a new structure has emerged.

As the new Director of Promise Park City, I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting time in the Promise Park City evolution! This coming fall, I will have an office at the Park City School District. I will continue to support the two Outreach Aides in the elementary schools and also the larger Park City community. I will be involved as a staff support in the Park City Steering Committee; that will support and provide a vision to the Promise Park City group. In addition to the Promise Park City group, we hope to establish “action networks” to gather more community partners and focus our efforts in specifically targeted areas.

My overall role will now be to facilitate conversations towards Park City-wide education, health, and income results. These changes have been thoughtful and intentional and I believe this will result in greater impact made in the Park City community. I have already begun meeting with members of the community and nonprofits to better understand all of the resources available in the Park City area. I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of leaders in Park City and believe great things lie ahead for Promise Park City and those it was designed to serve!

Park City Schools

Park City Schools


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