YOU Can be the “Fresh Face” in a Classroom — Read to a Kid!

By Jon Bass
Guest Blogger

Dr. Seuss day was something I wanted to participate in because some of my fondest memories from grade school came from classroom reading guests. Looking back, it really invigorated me to know that someone wanted to take time out of their busy day, come visit a classroom of rowdy kids, and spend time reading to them. It was always fun to learn something from someone new, and to get a fresh face in addition to the usual teachers and visitors.


I felt like I could offer children this same experience by reading to them and teaching them new things. Most of all, though, I wanted to encourage them to speak up and convey their knowledge and personal experiences as it pertained to any given book. I think when a student can share a personal experience that is relevant to the subject matter it helps build confidence and contributes to self-esteem. For these reasons, I wanted to be a part of Dr. Seuss Day and very much enjoyed it! I encourage any anyone to take the time to volunteer and read to a kid!


To volunteer, visit UWSL’s Volunteer Center

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