Meet Our 2016 Changemakers! Intermountain Healthcare

Chelsea Nelsonby Chelsea Nelson
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We are excited to do a feature on each of the Changemaker honorees for the upcoming United for Change event on May 18!

What is a Changemaker?

Changemakers work with others to achieve results that can’t be achieved alone. Being a Changemaker requires passion, long-term commitment, generosity, hands-on involvement, and a shift from ideas to actions. The 2016 Changemaker Awards for Corporate and Civic Leadership are awarded to business and civic leaders or organizations that have worked with others to create measurable change in our community. Through dedication and teamwork, they create lasting impact, inspire action, and are a force for good. Changemakers are found in every corner of our community, whether they are entire organizations or one single individual. By tirelessly working on our community’s toughest issues, they multiplied the effects of positive change and made Utah a better place to live. At United Way of Salt Lake, we are grateful for efforts that inspire the Changemaker in everyone.

We hope you will join us in celebration of their
contributions at this fun and inspiring event!

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Today, we are thrilled feature 2016 Changemaker, Intermountain Healthcare!

Intermountain Healthcare

In 2014, Intermountain Healthcare used its leadership and resources to catalyze a partnership with multiple organizations that address unmet dental needs among low-income students and their families. This important partnership provided the opportunity for multiple providers to create something entirely new, a temporary after-hours dental clinic set up within Promise Partner Community Schools.

Intermountain Healthcare

These mobile dental clinics provide dental screening and treatment to low-income students and their families, ensuring essential oral health needs are met, missed school and work days are reduced, and trips to the emergency room are prevented. Intermountain Healthcare understands that partners must work together to achieve greater impact.

Intermountain Healthcare

Because of its dedication to collaboration and community change,
United Way of Salt Lake honors Intermountain Healthcare as a 2016 Changemaker.



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