Be Vocal and Vote Local – National Voter Registration Day!

EmiliaBy Emilia Comai
Advocacy and Digital Engagement Manager

There’s an election in November, and this time, you have the opportunity to affect real change in your community. In most cities, counties, and towns across the state, there are local elections being held to fill seats such as Mayor and City Council. These seats are sometimes decided by tens or hundreds of votes due to low voter turnout. In the last municipal election in 2015, only 38 percent of registered voters turned out, according to the Utah Foundation. This is low, but an improvement to 2014’s turnout rate of 29.6 percent.

Voting for local leaders gives you the power to decide who makes decisions in your neighborhood. Some city councilors are elected by a few hundred people. It’s time to get involved! 14424745_10154143285092933_3519951683532714909_o

How to take action:

  1.    Check your status! Have you moved since the last time you voted? Has it been awhile since you last voted? Are you inactive?* Check your voter status here:  
  2.    Register! Have you ever registered to vote? If not, participate this November by registering today:
  3.    Look up what’s at stake: check here for who’s on your ballot, and do research on the local candidates running.

* An “Inactive Voter” is a voter that has not voted in 2 regular general elections and has failed to respond to a notice sent to them by the county clerk.

Once you’ve registered, change your social media
profile photo to let your friends know and
remind them to register as well! 

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