A collective impact approach to community problem solving

No one organization alone in isolation can solve complex community problems. Collective Impact requires that everyone work together in partnership – businesses, cities, government, schools, churches, foundations, and nonprofit organizations – to tackle our most pressing challenges and develop lasting solutions.

wheel-graphic-2014Together, we work to:

  • Create a common agenda of clearly defined objectives for community-level change
  • Measure success by sharing data and being mutually accountable for results
  • Align all resources and programs into mutually reinforcing strategies to support community-level results
  • Operate in an environment of constant communication and continuous improvement

Within this framework, United Way of Salt Lake plays a backbone role, assuring these elements are in place in every neighborhood.

As a backbone organization, United Way of Salt Lake:

  • Guides vision
  • Aligns strategies
  • Builds public will
  • Supports shared measurement
  • Mobilizes funding
  • Advances public policies
  • Engages volunteers

Find out more here: http://www.uw.org/our-work/

**Have questions about Community Voice or want to share your story with us? Contact Emilia Comai, Digital Engagement Manager at emilia@uw.org.**